Ways of greeting in times of coronavirus

In Spain, kisses are very common in greetings, not only in the social or family sphere, but also in the workplace. It is not difficult to see the Queen of Spain herself giving two kisses to an award-winning writer or a medal-winning sportsman.

In the rest of Europe, the most common greeting is to shake hands in the social and work environment, leaving the kiss (yes, just one kiss) for the more familiar and intimate environment. There are exceptions. The French give three kisses and even more in some areas of France. In the Balkans they are also very fond of kisses as a form of greeting.

In the same way, in one of the most remote parts of the world like Australia, this European form of greeting is also used.

If we talk about Eastern countries, we can highlight Japan, where greetings without physical contact prevail; the most common greeting is a slight nod as a sign of respect for the other person. The greater the respect, the greater the bow you will have to make.

As a curious form of greeting, one of the best known is the Eskimo greeting, in which people who greet each other rub their noses as a sign of courtesy.

One of the greetings that arouses most surprise is the greeting that the Russians make to each other among comrades. The kisses that are given, generally three, so close to the lips, produce a certain strangeness in those people who know this type of greeting for the first time.

It is clear that we are an open and loving society, tending to physical contact usually to show our joy of seeing or meeting someone. But in these times, with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus), maybe we can put aside these signs of affection for a while and be prudent to avoid the spread of it. Let’s learn to smile with our eyes and express with words and smiles our love and respect!

We leave you with an updated link to the measures you can take from home to take care of yourself (and your environment).

Have a good week!



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