Today is Valentine’s Day. Are you late to surprise that special person? Don’t worry! From alleeSpain we give you some great ideas to make a special dinner at home and decorate it with some details that will not leave anyone indifferent. Who said that you need the typical gifts like chocolates, colognes or stuffed animals? Pay attention to the tips we give you to succeed tomorrow without leaving home.


Choose a good soundtrack for dinner and go one step further


I’m sure you have a song that takes you to special moments when you hear it. Did you meet at a concert or a summer festival? Make a playlist of those songs that tickle your stomach. In addition, we give you two ideas that are tops in home decoration: posters with the phrases of those songs that have been part of your story. Decorate the living room, the entrance, the corridors or those corners of your home that are specials. If you are not convinced by the idea of the posters, leave little notes in different places: the dining table, the bathroom mirror, the pillow, etc.



Decorate the table with attention to details and colours


A nice napkin ring, some candles and a single-coloured tablecloth. That’s all you need! You can decorate it to match the tones of your home or choose earth tones, pale pink or go for a classic blue (Pantone 2020). 


Add a luminous detail


One of the current trends in decoration (economical and eye-catching) are lamps with words and bulbs. The one that best suits this day is LOVE, of course. However, if you want to innovate and find another word to define you, go on!



Flowers. Eliminate the idea of roses!


Flowers are always a good idea. But bouquets of roses are outdated. You don’t have to spend a fortune: go for wild bouquets, eucalyptus or pick a couple of pretty peonies and surround them with green leaves. Place them in a glass jar in the middle of the table et voilà! You have created a romantic setting and saved the day.


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