Summer time & “paella”

Summer is finally here! It is a good moment to spend time with friends and family, enjoying a good meal. Although when it comes to food, it is hard to keep it tasty and healthy, and then regrets come either because we gained a couple of pounds or our cholesterol level rose.

The key to enjoying this perfect summertime without having to fight regret and those extra pounds is eating healthy and exercising.

Proper summer diet’s key 

Due to the extreme heat, it is normal that our appetite decreases. Although we might not be as hungry as usual, it is common in this period to go for foods full of fats or processed meals.

Pre-made pizzas that you pop in the microwave and are ready to eat in 10 minutes, sausages and black puddles that are barbecued and ready in a couple of minutes…

It is hot and we want to make our life easier, especially when it comes to cooking, that is why most of the time we are tempted to eat pre-made unhealthy food. 

But during summer it is doable to eat clean and savory foods without having to be in the heat of the kitchen. Salads are a great alternative. 

We do not have to limit ourselves to the mainstream lettuce salad; we can enjoy so many different salads. A good alternative that gives us the nutrients that our body need are pasta and vegetable salads. 

Eating clean and light options, and taking care of the quantity we consume, will help us maintain our weight and will also help us avoid the heat and will facilitate the digestion process. 

During this time fruits and vegetables are the best options. Its high content in vitamins will make you feel better and will give you lots of energy. 

Do not forget to stay hydrated 

With the high temperatures, it is really important to stay hydrated, this will prevent heat strokes.

Water is your best choice; you should drink it not too cold nor too hot. You should drink 2 liters of water every day. If you are one of those people that don’t get thirsty you can use some type of reminder in your cell phone so you can drink water throughout the day.

When it comes to soda, as much as we like them they’re not our best option. They have a lot of sugar and color added and instead of hydrating us it makes us thirsty, we can even get dehydrated. 

Caffeinated drinks are not a good beverage option during summer. You should limit its consumption as little as possible.

When it comes to alcohol, during this time it is better to moderate alcohol consumption, especially when it is extremely hot because it leads to dehydration. 

Have an active lifestyle

After a hardworking year when summer time comes is common that you just want to rest and not do anything, but it is really important to keep an active lifestyle.

Being at the beach or pool is a good alternative to get some exercise done, enjoy being in the water and get a full body workout swimming. Swimming is one of the most complete sports and it also helps with any back pain that you might present. 

If you decide to take your training a little bit more serious during the summer, it is recommended that you do not practice outdoors, it is too hot. It is better if you can exercise in a gym or at home where you can have A.C. 

Riding a bike or going for a run are simple alternatives to stay active during summer. If you decide to go out it is better if you do it early in the morning or late afternoon, that way you will avoid high temperatures. 

A perfect summer for a better fall 

If you take care of yourself during summer your body and health will be thankful. You will have an amazing body when fall comes and you will not need to be on a diet.

With all these, we are not saying that you should not enjoy the ice creams, snow cones, barbecues but it is recommended that you do it in a moderate way.

You should also not forget to take care of your skin; it is easy to get damaged by the sun. Use sun protection products every day, even if you are not going to the beach or the pool. Choose quality products that go with your skin type. Remember to apply them every two or three hours. 

Exfoliate your skin every week and always keep it hydrated with after sun lotions that will help you keep your tanning and the skin elasticity. 

With these easy tips, you can take care of your body on the inside and outside. Get ready for the best summer of your life!


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