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Throughout all the years in history, we’ve had many great examples of women representing the sport just like Nadia Comaneci, Florence Griffith or Billie Jean King. They’ve set an example to extraordinary athletes like Serena Williams, Carolina Marin or Lydia Valentín amongst others.

There are lots of sports where women participate and it isconsidered totally normal, but when it comes to soccer things are hard.

Over the decades’ soccer has been a sport dominated by men and female soccer had no fans.

Today things are changing. Google has shown its doodle during the days that the female soccer world championship was taking place in France. That was a great action that brought the attention of millions to the sport.

A hobby in growth

Definitely, whenever you are asked, you can name a good tennis player, an athlete… but if they asked you about a female soccer player of your national team? Possibly you won’t have an answer.

Don’t worry this happens to a lot of people. But it is time to change things around. The fans following the female soccer sporthave nothing to envy the male soccer.

The passion has been growing day after day and the stadiums are fuller every day. This is good for the players because they see how their effort is rewarded, but it also affects in a positive manner future generations. 

Doing sports is something good for your physical and psychological health. And we cannot deny women the perks that come with performing sports.

If women are represented playing sports other ladies will also want to compete and have fun, soccer is really popular so lots of women can be interested in playing it. They could be our future champions.

Knowing your players

Do you remember that a minute ago we asked you about the players that are part of your national team? Well, work has been done on the internet to solve that problem.

Nowadays doing challenges has gone viral and it is trendy and lots of persons are willing to do it. Sounds good, here we will give you an easy one. This challenge is about getting to know the talented sportswomen that form part of your national team.

You might even know the player whose name you can’t pronounce and has never played in our league, yet you don’t know the name of our main goalkeeper from the national team.

With the tool that it is the internet, you can now take participation in this viral challenge.

You can even get information from the written press which definitely is a novelty. We cannot lose sight that the sports press has taken a big role in ignoring women’s sports.

It seems like things are finally changing and this year sports pressare covering the World Cup.

Now we will have to wait and see if after this tournament the press will still write about female soccer and people will have the opportunity to follow the sport with other leagues like the Female League or the Queen’s Cup. But let’s talk about substantial evidence, not a mere residual note.

There’s still a lot to do

Female soccer is one of the sports mainly being affected by “machismo”. We have improved a lot, but we can’t be blinded, there’s still a lot to do.

It is clear that things will not change in a blink of an eye, but step by step we will the change will be noticeable.

There are many big clubs that now have a women’s team at a professional level. Sadly there are also clubs that do not invest money in women’s soccer or are not even bothered in having a team.

In smaller levels, those women that are not professional but still practice the sport, have it harder. 

The facts that this sport was not promoted between girls throughout generations had a huge influence that nowadays girls, teens, and women that decide to take a risk don’t stand a chance or have it really hard when it comes to participating in a championship, due to the lack of teams.

This same problem is seen in other sports such as basketball. Wanting to practice sports that were mainly dominated by men is still complicated.

But no need to give up; the good results collected in the female soccer will be useful to motivate others. Playing sports, at a professional level or as a hobby, should never have to be a matter of gender.


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