Invest in the coast?

The recovery of the real estate market is already a reality. It started in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona and has extended to the coastal areas.

No doubt regions such as La Costa del Sol are considered very attractive for real estate investment. As much as for those who want to have a second residence for all tastes in a place with good weather and next to the beach also for those who want to get a return on their investment.

It is a dynamic market

In southern Spain, the real estate market is very dynamic. Even during the worst years of crisis houses have been sold.

It is due to being a very attractive zone for foreign investors. Britons, Belgians, Germans, and Dutch are more willing to buy real estate properties in this region.

Southern Spain has become a golden dream for the rest of Europeans because of its warm weather during the whole year, the high number of hours of sun they can enjoy, and the good standard of living they can lead with their countries’ salaries and pensions.

Tourism neuralgic center

Southern Spain is one of the regions that receive more national and foreign tourists which convert tourism as one of its main economic activities.

The good weather favors tourism in this region and makes it an activity not only for June, July, and August but extends it from April to October.

The demand for housing rental is very high thanks to the big number of tourists. So those who have a vacant property in the area can take advantage of this situation to obtain profits by renting it.

Opportunities for all budgets

In the south of Spain, we can find a very wide real estate offer adapted to all budgets.

There are flats, chalets, low houses…. Brand new or second-hand that needs to be reformed. According to the chosen location, it can be found properties from just € 40,000, which is a very reasonable investment.

In the latest decades, areas such as Marbella have turn into a paradise for the jet-set and luxury. That has been the reason for the appearance of the luxurious development in big houses with full detail.

That means both people with a tight and much more comfortable budget can find the house they are looking for in the southern part of Spain.

Great leisure offer with high variety of restaurants

During the whole year, the south of Spain offers great leisure to lots of visitors. As a result, in zones like La Costa del Sol visitors’ won´t have time to get bored.

Gourmet restaurants, beach bars to enjoy the typical tapas of the area, luxury shops, small markets, cinemas, golf courses, zoos, etc.

The paradise for retirement

Each time there are more Spanish and foreign retirees who decide to invest in the coastal area to move there or spend long periods once they have retired.

The good weather and the benefits of living by the sea make the coastal zone a peaceful paradise for those who don´t have to work anymore and can enjoy their time to the fullest.

High profitability

The real estate market is now in a bullish moment that we must take advantage of. Buying a house at this moment in southern Spain creates an opportunity to make a profit as in a short time the vending price will be higher than the price paid when buying.

Besides, renting your house is always an option. Although renting houses in the coastal zone to the tourists is the most common way to get profits, the truth is that these houses can be rented during the whole year, in a more stable way to retirees or workers who have moved to the south.

All the benefits of investing in a real estate property in southern Spain

Do you still have doubts? This is the most successful region in case you are thinking of making a real estate investment:

–    You can buy from a small and affordable house to a luxury one.

–    It is a very attractive area for foreign investments.

–    You have the option to rent your house and start making a profit from the first day.

–    It is a great alternative to enjoy your retirement in a warm and peaceful place.

–    It offers wide leisure for all tastes.

It is impossible to visit southern Spain without falling in love with it, its culture, its people and its beaches. This is a great moment to invest, so do not let pass this opportunity and take it to buy the house of your dreams. At Alleespain we are for you, to escort you in the whole process and help you find what you are looking for. Shall we talk?


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