Happy father’s day!

Father’s Day is a little different this year because of COVID19 but that doesn’t mean we should forget to congratulate our daddies. Here are a few sentences that you can send by email, by whatsapp, etc. Right now, remember that it is very important to keep a safe distance to prevent contagion. There will be time to give thousands of hugs and kisses!

Congratulate your father in times of coronavirus.

This year we will have to be a little more ingenious to touch the heartstrings at this time. If you lack inspiration, don’t worry, we leave you here a few sentences so you can congratulate your father in a nice way.

Popular phrases

“Some heroes have no cloak and live next to us. They are our fathers!”

“Dad, it’s one day less today so I can give you a big hug. This situation only makes our love stronger. I love you!”

“Even though it’s hard to keep you away today, I’m strong because you taught me and I know how much you’ve fought in life. Now it’s time for us to fight together to face these moments. Congratulations on your day dad!”

“Thank you daddy for raising me this way, for teaching me never to give up and to become the person I am. I’m very proud of you.”

From alleeSpain we send a big virtual hug to all the daddies, daughters and sons. You know, we’ll get through this together! Happy Father’s Day!


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