Ideas to decorate beach houses

Many people dream to own a beach house. But when that dream comes true then we start to think a lot about how to decorate it.

Although there are many styles and trends, what matters is that your house should be unique. It must reflect on your personality and satisfy your needs and your family’s.

As you are not going to spend the whole year in that house, it must be, above all, practical and comfortable. Even though, this does not mean that you forget about the esthetic.

Let see how we can get a comfortable, beautiful, elegant and also practical beach house for the family.

What color to choose?

Since you are going to use the house mostly in summer, it is worth to choose colors and tones that can let you take the most advantage of the natural light.

White is always the best choice. It is not only a timeless color but also can perfectly match with any kind of decoration.

If you prefer something with more color, you can use other neutral colors like beige or sand tones.

All of them reflect light and make the areas appear wider than they are.

Also, it could be a good idea to paint a wall with a more colorful tone to highlight it. For example, blue or green colors remind us of being near the sea.

What decorative style to choose?

Choosing the most appropriate decorative style is something very personal, but it should be according to the region. For an instant, the Mediterranean style is always a good idea for a house in La Costa del Sol.

Simple white textiles combine perfectly with Classic woody furniture where the wood in its natural version is the great protagonist. And of course, not to forget the wicker complements.

Make it your own house

Be careful with impersonal decoration. It is one of the biggest mistakes when decorating beaches houses 

It is important to pay attention to small details to give the house your personal touch. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of time choosing furniture, textiles, etc. and it will still look like a rental apartment.

If you want your beach house to become an authentic home, do not forget to add family photos, personal books, and family memories as a part of the decoration.

Do not overload the stays

The reason for buying a house on the beach is to enjoy the outdoors. Your house must be comfortable and practical as home but not something annoying that takes your time.

Make sure that spaces are cleared as possible. This will save time and effort when cleaning, keeping the areas as simple as possible. The less are the stuff in the house the more freshness it will transmit.

Sailor accessories

If the house is near the sea you can discreetly add sailors’ accessories.

Using blue textiles that remind us of the sea, candle holders decorated with sailor capes, small ship models, etc. can be a good idea.

Also, you can make a nice centerpiece or even an original photo frame with some shells and stones collected while wandering on the beach.

Create a small working area

Sometimes you will need to work or do some tasks on the computer even though you are on vacation, and it will be easier if you prepare a small area for that purpose.

All you need to work comfortably is a board that serves as a table, shelving and a chair that fit with the rest of the decoration

Do not forget about the plants

You can never forget to place natural plants inside and outside the house if it has a garden or a terrace.

If you do not know anyone that can look after your plants in your absence, it is recommended to choose seasonal plants such as petunias or geranium that you can take to your usual residence or even give it away to a friend or a neighbor when vacations end.

Choose the necessary utensils

At home, we need lots of stuff: cups, crockery, cookware, sheets… Do not make your summer house a deposit of all the stuff you do not use or need any more in your usual house. Instead, choose and buy all the elements and accessories to your summer home with illusion.

Enjoy your new beach house!


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