Change is only for the brave ones

Each culture has developed its own way of living life and understanding the surrounding world, and within such life, each person has created its small self-universe with a life of its own.

However, life in society usually makes us feel and think.  This is the main reason for high rates of stress in recent years. The sensation of lack of time is present in our lives and this situation provokes a collapse of our minds and our bodies.

We perfectly know that stress and the current lifestyle are not positive for our health, so maybe it is time now to change our habits.

Even though we live in a more developed society, sometimes it is good to look back and learn from our ancestors, and even other cultures; it does not matter if they are totally different to ours.

Lessons from Maori culture´s life

New Zealand is still today an unknown country for most of us, as well as its natural, cultural and social heritage.

One of its greatest treasures is Maori culture. Maoris are descendants from East Polynesia immigrants, and they are considered the first New Zealand inhabitants.

Despite social and cultural changes during the last centuries, this culture has survived and has plenty to show us.

It is possible that, due to the surrounding nature and their isolation from the world, Maoris developed a culture where spirituality and nature connection are huge things.

We can learn from them that most of the time it is not necessary to take life so seriously.  It is important to take some time for us, to connect again with our environment and be in peace with nature.

Marae: the center of Maori life

There is an element in Maori style that is essential to enjoy life, Marae. A communal meeting place, as the center of life development.

For the Maori community, the community is a more important concept than the family concept itself.  That is why Marae is the selected place to meet and perform ordinary activities like eat or sleep.

But Marae is much more than a place for just living, it is a space to be in touch with spiritual ancestors and with whatever Maori culture and history imply.

In Western cultures like ours, the family is the base of every society, and it is also true that families also need from the community to prosper.  Maybe, that´s why we seek to live in a neighborhood.

It is possible that we are seeking for our own Marae, unconsciously… a shelter that let us be with our loved ones and get acquainted with people outside the family.

We challenge you to the following:  Are you able to change your lifestyle?  Leave your current life and take the chance to take a more relaxing lifestyle?

Transform your place in your very own Marae, a shelter for you and your family, where you can feel safe. No rush, no stress, just peace, and harmony.

Start the day watching the sunrise by the sea instead of rushing and leaving your home without breakfast.  Enjoy a family evening enjoying the summer breeze instead of watching TV.  Live in a community with people who share your preferences and interests instead of living near the same neighbor for 10 years and don´t even know his name.  It sounds good, doesn´t it?

Make this change and start to enjoy life differently is easier than what you think.  You only need to do your part, take things easy going and find the ideal place to reach such a calm life.

Look for your own Marae

Sometimes in life, it is necessary to be more rational and others, more emotional; that´s the only way to find balance.

That is why, even if you are rational, you must know that there is nothing wrong to wish a connection with the environment and nature.  Even more important, this situation may bring very important benefits for you, physically and mentally.

It is not necessary to make huge changes.  If you like exclusive things and share them with your loved ones, we have prepared something for you that you will absolutely love.

The time to take the next step towards your new lifestyle has come.  Come in and discover how to do it!


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