5 ways to save electricity at home!

5Electricity is an essential benefit for our daily living.  It helps us to turn on our lights at home and at our working place, to make our electrical appliances work, to charge our mobile phones, and even for new-generation vehicles.

The demand for electricity is so huge worldwide that electricity companies must invest large amounts of money to generate enough power to be consumed. And it is a direct impact on its cost.

As a matter of fact, if we demand more power, the costs are higher.  A good example is the historic cost record of electric power during the Champions League game between Liverpool and Barça.  Millions of people watching the game on TV, food delivery services, or having a drink at the bars, required a large amount of electrical power and with its demand, costs increased.

The electrical power costs rise is a real thing for many homes, but we are not alone with this problem.

Up to date, we cannot do anything to avoid price rises, but certainly, we can take measures to make our power receipt lower.

1. Pick a Good location for our homes

Spain is one of the countries with more sunlight days, but weather changes from place to place. 

While Northern regions are usually colder and rain is usual, the opposite happens in the South.

If we choose a cold zone to live, we will spend more money on heating systems, while spending more money on air conditioning if we live in very hot areas.

That is why an intermediate level is recommended.  Areas like Costa del Sol are blessed with the best of the Mediterranean weather, with a moderate winter and warm summertime.

This means that during the months between October and April it will not be that necessary to turn on the heating system, turning into energy savings and a huge environmental benefit.

During summertime, the temperature may be high, but if a well-designed home is chosen, even with a pool, it will be easier to handle the high temperatures.

Besides great weather, Levante areas enjoy more sunlight hours every day. This helps in avoiding the use of artificial power to enjoy at home, which also saves money and energy.

2. Getting to know the Energy Certificate 

The Energy Certificate of a house always tells us how much energy is spent at that house.  Classification A is the best, so, if a house keeps such classification, it means that it consumes less energy than the houses with another classification.

3. Evaluate the factors that make a more efficient home from an energetic point of view

There are several ways to make a more efficient house from an energetic point of view.  Some of them are in plain sight while others are appreciated by specialists.

In general terms, it is considered that a house has good energy efficiency when it is made of external hot-and-cold isolation materials.  Also, it is valuable the type of glass, isolation system and its blinds.

4. Keep in mind the house design

The house design may influence its energy consumption.  A house with natural air sources will be fresher during summer, without needing air conditioning.

5. Buy a house with an A Classification Energetic Certificate.

There are going to be savings, not only on power receipt but also on environmental benefits. An A classification home is a house with an extra investment to make energetic consumption low. The good news is that when power costs are so high, this investment is recovered very fast because there are savings on the power receipt. 

If you want to keep electricity costs under control, and you are thinking about buying a house, you may combine all the tips on this report.  Pick a home in a mild climate area, which also has an A Classification Energetic Certificate.

At Allee Spain, we have a large home catalog alongside Costa del Sol, one of the best weather areas in Spain, with long sunlight-hour days, which will guarantee energy savings.

Besides, we have luxury homes with an A Classification Energetic Certificate, which will guarantee electrical power savings since day one.

We want to accompany you in the process of searching for your new home, and to help you find the perfect house for your own needs.  Do you want to save on electricity costs?  Do you want to take care of the environment?  We have exactly what you are looking for!


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